The effect of running on the human body


It would take more than one book to fully describe the positive effects of running on a person. Running can be used to achieve very different goals, from spiritual self-improvement to weight loss.

The effects of running on the human body
Running is considered the easiest way to lose weight and get rid of stress. But in order to achieve good results and not to harm the body, listen to the advice of experts.

If you have decided to start running, you should dosage the load. Do not hurry, start with a small distance, with time you can think about increasing it. Usually, experts advise increasing the distance by 5-10 percent per week.

The intensity of aerobic exercise in general and running in particular is measured by heart rate. A safe and effective workout requires that your heart rate while running remain between 65-75 percent of your maximum heart rate (your maximum heart rate is calculated using the formula: 220 - age in years). So, if you are 25 years old, your heart rate should be between 124 and 162 beats per minute. It is most convenient to measure your heart rate with a heart rate monitor.

Some tips on running technique:

Before jogging your muscles must be prepared for the load, so it is advisable to start each workout with a warm-up - it will warm up your muscles and avoid injuries.
It is always better to start training with a brisk walk. Then gently switch to running. During running, be sure to monitor the state of your body. If you feel pain or discomfort, it's a signal that the session should be stopped.
If you feel a stiffness in your side while running (this means that your internal organs are not supplied with enough oxygen), change to a brisk walk and breathe deeply through your mouth. As soon as the pain is gone, return to your previous pace.
It is very important to end the workout correctly. Do not stop the workout abruptly in any case - it is a huge load on the heart. On the last meters you need to decrease the pace, regain heart rate and try to breathe through your nose.
Running warms up all the muscles perfectly, so immediately after the run they should be well stretched. After a run, take a shower or bath, and rub your skin with olive or almond oil - this procedure will not only relieve stress, but also make your skin soft and velvety.
The effects of running on the human body
Running is one of the most popular and effective types of fitness. This type of exercise develops endurance and excellent burns extra calories (for every 2 km you spend about 100 kcal). People who are engaged in fitness, very much like to run, because this kind of activity does not train a separate group of muscles (although the legs are, of course, a lot of work), but has a positive impact on human well-being in general. People who practice running notice that they become more poised and calm, can control their emotions more easily and do not get upset over nothing.

Health is not a privilege for people with high incomes, but a right for everyone!

But there are a few basic processes that are stimulated during running - something both the novice and experienced athlete should be aware of:

1. During and after running, the process of hematopoiesis is activated - "young", healthy blood is formed.

2. breathing is activated, stimulating the absorption of free electrons from the air by the body. This process occurs in the lungs due to activation of gas exchange and through the skin. Increase of free electrons increases efficiency (physical and mental) and stimulates all human functions and systems.

3. During running, the body's production of carbon dioxide is activated, which has a very beneficial effect on all the biochemical processes occurring in cells. In particular, the amount of oxygen in the tissues increases, which activates the metabolism in the body.

4. During running of average duration (30-60 minutes) in the body activates the breakdown of cells, which, in turn, after running training stimulates the synthesis of new young and healthy cells. First of all, old diseased cells are destroyed and new cells are synthesized in their place. With the help of running, the whole body is rejuvenated and renewed.

5. An adult body contains about 35 liters of liquid (5 liters of blood, 2 liters of lymph and 28 liters of intracellular fluid). A sedentary lifestyle stagnates all this fluid, like water in a swamp. During running, fluid begins to circulate actively, eliminating stagnant areas in the body.

6. The supply of cells with nutrients and oxygen occurs according to the following scheme. At the first stage the necessary substances are transported from blood into intercellular fluid by diffusion through capillary walls. In the second stage, oxygen and nutrients are transported from the intercellular fluid through the membrane into the cell. The third step is the distribution of nutrients and oxygen inside the cell. In exactly the same way, but in reverse order, the removal of waste products from the cells takes place. During and after running all these processes take place with great speed, which increases the vitality of the body and activates self-healing. Cells of the body get rid of products of their own vital functions during running, which excludes the option of self-poisoning.

7. Every moment millions of cells die off in the human body. In order to dispose of all this on your own, you need a medium-long, non-intensive workout. Slow running is the best way to do this. Otherwise, the dead cells of the body begin to decompose with the formation of poisons, which with the flow of blood are spread throughout the body, causing poisoning and, for example, such a condition as chronic fatigue.

8. Running activates the pituitary gland, which produces special hormones - endorphins. Endorphins cause a natural feeling of happiness and bliss, having an anti-pain effect. This effect is observed for about 1 more hour after the end of the run.

9. The body will be healthy only with active movement of all fluids (blood, lymph, intracellular fluid) inside the body. Regular running is the easiest and most effective way to start and maintain the fluid cycle in the organs and tissues at the proper level.

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