How to choose an exercise machine for home


As you know, movement is life. But it is quite natural that in today's rhythm of life we do not always manage to pay enough attention to our health, making daily walks in the fresh air or going to the gym. That is why home simulator can be a great solution for keeping fit.

But to pick up such an exercise machine may not be an easy task, because the variety of modern models of sports equipment can confuse even a professional, to say nothing of the average man. To facilitate the task of choosing, it is necessary to answer several key questions.

Buying a trainer for home can have various purposes. The first, and the most "popular" task of exercisers is to reduce weight, improve tone and maintain a trim figure. For such purposes are suitable, so-called, cardio machines - treadmills, steppers, exercise bicycles.

The second task is to build muscle mass. For this fit power machines - power stations with benches for the abs, bars, supports and levers to train specific muscle groups.

The third task - is the restoration and strengthening of health, in particular the cardiovascular system. Here the choice should be made on special models of strength and cardio trainers with a gentle load. It is worth noting that rehabilitation exercisers at home are rarely used, because this is a very expensive and specific equipment, which is only needed in a certain period of time.

Consider the most popular and popular type of sports equipment for home training - cardio machines. Choose a trainer for home of this type is also not easy, because the number of their types and models is also huge.

Bicycle simulators. Imitate cycling. Regular exercise with a properly chosen level of loads have a beneficial effect on the heart, respiratory system, increase endurance. The main power load falls on the lower extremities - in particular, the calves, buttocks and glutes. Such exercisers at home are very popular, as they take up minimal space and are quite affordable. The most inexpensive mechanical exercise bike can be purchased for only 2000 rubles. Noiseless electromagnetic models with increased smooth running will cost a little more.
Treadmills. They simulate running in a straight line or on inclined terrain. Such exercisers are considered one of the most effective - regular exercise will help to quickly lose excess weight and strengthen all muscle groups. Just like exercise bikes, treadmills can be mechanical (carried out in motion by the efforts of the legs) and electric. For people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system or, for example, varicose veins, it is recommended to choose electric models due to lower and smoother loads.
Stappers. This is one of the most compact and simple types of cardio machines. Stepper is two small platforms that move on a vertical axis at an angle, which simulates climbing stairs. Stepers are effective for exercising leg muscles, particularly the glutes. Some models are equipped with arm levers, which allows you to put stress on the shoulder girdle muscles.
Elliptical machines. They are rightfully considered the most effective and versatile type of cardio machines, as they combine the functions of treadmills, steppers and exercise bicycles. They develop the respiratory system, strengthen the heart and blood vessels, promote fast weight loss, affect almost all the muscles of the lower limbs and shoulder girdle. Choose simulators for home of this type can be especially recommended to people with diseases of the joints.
Once you have decided on the type of exerciser, you need to settle on a specific model. You will easily notice that seemingly identical exercisers can differ significantly in price. The most expensive are professional models for fitness clubs. They are characterized by large size, a maximum set of functions and adjustments, as well as high power consumption. For home exercise is quite suitable inexpensive models equipped with the necessary set of options for you. That is why the criterion of price should not be decisive. "More expensive" does not always mean "better.

An equally important selection criterion is size. Not many people will be able to set aside half of their apartment for training, and therefore preference is often given to more compact models.

A good trainer for home can be chosen only by testing it personally. Therefore, do not be guided only by external parameters and model description - be sure to try the trainer in action. Is it comfortable for you? Is everything clear in the settings? Fortunately, today many stores have an opportunity to "test-drive" the exercisers that are presented in the showroom.

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