Choice of fitness equipment for a premium fitness club: types and parameters


A premium fitness club is a special facility designed for the needs of very demanding clients. You can't just decide that the facility belongs to this level - it must be proven in practice. And one of the important points is the choice of the right equipment. You can read about the realization of one of the successful projects here.

The set of exercise equipment itself should include mandatory and additional options. Bicyclers, treadmills, elliptical trainers - this equipment should be as customizable as possible. With the ability to choose the speed, load, change any other training parameters. It is important that the capabilities of the devices were enough for beginners, and for athletes with good training experience.

Various boards, benches and machines are also an indispensable solution. Since we are talking about the premium segment, it makes sense to choose more expensive block trainers. In any gym you cannot do without a set of bars, barbells, dumbbells, step-platforms. Be sure to have special gymnastic mats, fitness balls, skipping ropes and other elements that will allow you to diversify your workout. It is a good idea to have a set of different weights that will help to increase the load if necessary.

Among the general requirements for equipment for a premium fitness club are the following:

Perfect appearance. And this means that you need to initially buy high-quality equipment of expensive brands. As soon as something fails or starts to look bad, this element is replaced. Cracked material, scuffs, damage - all this is unacceptable for such a segment.
High level of security. Devices should be thought through 100%. It is important that the clients of the club could not hurt themselves, even with intensive training under the supervision of a trainer.
Sufficient number of simulators. There is no point in buying one trainer if there is always a queue for it. Free movement around the hall and the ability to take the necessary structure at any time - something that must be available to the visitor.
Another important point: the size of halls in high class clubs should be large, so the trainers should be located freely. This will provide additional comfort when exercising and the necessary psychological mood.

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