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Movement is energy. Every step, pedal and step we take creates the potential for movement. At Sportshop, we strive to establish a connection between creating healthy bodies and a healthy environment. Because when we move, we change the world-one workout at a time.

Providing a way to preserve the planet through our activities as a global brand is of paramount importance to SportsArt. With offices around the world serving 80 countries, Sportshop believes It is our duty to use our extensive reach to promote sustainable and renewable methods from production to the equipment used. We strive to create a network of like-minded partners focused on inspiring positive social impact and preserving the beautiful world that was given to us

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Sports equipment at home
Sports equipment at home

There are people who exercise without using any special equipment: they just run, jump, do push-ups, pump their abs... Do you know what makes them different, apart from good health? They are very disciplined. They don't need extra motivation to do morning exercises, they do them anyway. What about you?

How to choose an exercise machine for home
How to choose an exercise machine for home

As you know, movement is life. But it is quite natural that in today's rhythm of life we do not always manage to pay enough attention to our health, making daily walks in the fresh air or going to the gym. That is why home simulator can be a great solution for keeping fit.

But to pick up such an exercise machine may not be an easy task, because the variety of modern models of sports equipment can confuse even a professional, to say nothing of the average man. To facilitate the task of choosing, it is necessary to answer several key questions.

The effect of running on the human body
The effect of running on the human body

It would take more than one book to fully describe the positive effects of running on a person. Running can be used to achieve very different goals, from spiritual self-improvement to weight loss.

The effects of running on the human body
Running is considered the easiest way to lose weight and get rid of stress. But in order to achieve good results and not to harm the body, listen to the advice of experts.

If you have decided to start running, you should dosage the load. Do not hurry, start with a small distance, with time you can think about increasing it. Usually, experts advise increasing the distance by 5-10 percent per week.

Choice of fitness equipment for a premium fitness club: types and parameters
Choice of fitness equipment for a premium fitness club: types and parameters

A premium fitness club is a special facility designed for the needs of very demanding clients. You can't just decide that the facility belongs to this level - it must be proven in practice. And one of the important points is the choice of the right equipment. You can read about the realization of one of the successful projects here.